Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two New Games

Mark learned two new games this week. One is a good old peekaboo or, rather, its localized Russian version, a "koo-koo" game. He was getting restless and bored on Monday as I was foldign the laundry. So to distract him, I waved some of the towels, shirts, and receiving blankets in front of him. He didn't care too much. But when I added the magic "koo-koo" words, he was hooked and began smiling wide.

Another game that we discovered, quite by chance, is the "wind blows" game. That's when I blow wind gently on Mark's face. He always acts surprised and sort of catches his breath. And then he giggles very happily.

Other interesting things that he does include lots of drooling, attempting to put everything into his mouth (if it doesn't fit, he just licks it), munching on a teether, babbling (mostly "neee", "hooo", "heee", and "auuu" sounds), grabbing practically anything that is put in his hands, and smiling at his reflection in the toy mirror.