Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

The summer is pretty much over. Can you believe this? Dunno about you, but I feel cheated! Not like I had big plans for this summer, but somehow even the little ones that I made didn't happen... And now the outdoor pool where we take Mark is closing. Today was their last day. How sad... On the bright side, it's cooling off a bit here and we're resuming our stroller walks now. And as for the pool, we'll try to go to a year-round pool, even though it's a bit further away.

The weekend hasn't been much fun, really. Chris's dad was here for 2 days. So he met Mark for the first time. We mostly stayed home, partly because of the heat. I can't even think of anything we did on Saturday. On Sunday we went to the flea market at the State Fairgrounds. It was fun (even though I didn't get to spend much time there). There's so much old junky-looking furniture there! I'm obsessing with furnishing the living room as cheaply as possible. So I figure if I buy some cheap stuff there, have Chris paint it, it'll look great :) Then in the afternoon we went to the downtown Raleigh. Predictably, it was dead! There were a few people here and there, but only 2 cafes were open. So sad - there are tons of places there that look like fun - Italian, BBQ, Chinese, a couple of funky coffee shops, etc. But they are all closed on Sundays... Apart from being dead on weekends, downtown Raleigh is nice. And once all the construction is finished, it's supposed to be really a cool place. Maybe they'll even have a couple of restaurants and shops open on Sundays?
We also went to the pool a couple of times. It was great! The water was much colder, but Mark didn't mind at all. Actually, I've never seen him quite so happy swimming around in the big pool. And as usual, he attracted so much attention. Except people think that he's a little girl (because, they say, he's got such pretty eyes and is so cute). He's going through some growth spurt or something this week - eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and is cranky. And his clothes are getting tight on him! He sits very well by himself, reaches for everything, rolls over when I try to get him dressed. Now he started to roll from the tummy to his back, but he needs more practice. Also, he tries to feed himself solid foods - he's pretty adamant about holding a spoon when I feed him. Naturally, feeding time is 10 times longer now and we have a huge mess on our hands at the end. But it's so much fun!