Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back from NY

Sorry for a long dry spell... We're finally back from visiting Mark's grandparents in NY. Tons of things happened and most of them were very good (even though the trip began with us getting locked out of the house, me getting sick, everyone else getting sick, Mark cutting a new tooth, etc, etc). Anyway, Mark had tons of fun. He spent most of the days outside - on the deck, in the splash pool, walking up and down the stairs, in the garden. And he hardly sat down at all! I mean, from about 6am to 8pm with only one short - 30 min - nap, he kept walking, climbing, crawling, standing, and running. He was so busy exploring the surroundings and enjoying himself that he didn't bother to play with any of the toys I brought with us from home! Here's a video of a little game he came up with while in NY.