Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cold Snap, Flowers, and Melted Cheese

... all happen to be signs of our wedding anniversaries. First, it gets predictably cold. Just last weekend, it was a balmy 73 degrees here in Raleigh. But a couple of days before our anniversary the weather soured and temperature plunged to lower 30ies. Finally, we even got some snow that stayed for longer than 5 minutes. This is nothing new to us. After all, on the day of our wedding in Key West, with its average yearly temperatures of around 75 degrees, it dipped down to lower 50ies!

Last year, I thought that we'd turn this anniversary into a mini-vacation and go on a 3-day cruise or something like this. But with me being too pregnant, we can't even drive to the mountains for a weekend, since it's more than an hour away from my doctor's office. Which, after all, is not all that bad considering how much money it saves us to stay home. And Chris has been spoiling me with all the gifts. I already wrote about the spa package. He also got me these nice flowers. Look closely and you can see the coded love message. I guess it says that I'm fun like all the yellow and pink flowers, bright like the white ones, beautiful like the lilly-looking ones, undemanding like ferns, fragile like baby-breaths, and am overall the most adorable thorn-in-one's-side a husband can wish for (that's the prickly flowers).

We also went out to our traditional anniversary restaurant, the Melting Pot, for dinner. Of course, there are plenty of choices around here for a decent restaurant. And for a while I struggled between the Pot and the Angus Barn (which only sounds suspicious, but is apparently very classy and its chef defeated Iron Chef Cat Cora on the Iron Chef show). Ultimately, the Melting Pot won because fondue rules! So we had a 4-course fondue meal consisting of a four-cheeses fondue, a California salad, a Mojo style entree with a mix of shrimp, chicken, raviolli, and beef, and a chocolate-marshmallow fondue for desert. Since it was our anniversary, the hostess snapped our picture, table-side, and even framed it in a nice frame. And then on the way out, we asked her for another picture, this time - with our camera (it's taken in the wine-cellar, so the lighting really sucked).