Saturday, January 20, 2007


Ok, we're still in the process of renovating the kitchen. And by "we", I mean Chris. He does all the work and I can't even help with simple things such as painting. I'm happy to say that the new cabinets are in and look great. Also, Chris widened the existing pantry and is turning it into a niche for our new side-by-side refrigerator (and it's counter-depth too!). He moved beyond cosmetic touch-ups (paint, minor drywall repairs, etc) to bigger and better things - some carpentry, some electrical work, doing new drywall, etc.

This is work in progress for now. Today Chris is fixing drywall and doing some electrical work. We should be getting our new quartz counter-top in a couple of weeks. After it's in, we'll be able to put in our new ceramic-top slide-in electric range and our almost new dishwasher. Hopefully the fridge will go in place within a week or so. As soon as the plumbing gets hooked up to the new undermount Corian sink, we'll be in business. And I can't wait since all those microwaved dinners are aweful!