Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Busy Bees

Mom left last Saturday. And I'm back to work as of last Monday, 26 February. So I'm super-busy and at times loose my head alltogether. I type with one hand now - slow process. Wish had more toe dexterity! Mom being here was a huge help. She basically did all the house work. Also, she'd watch the baby sometimes so I could eat lunch or even go to a store real quick. I was kind of freaking out when she left, but now I'm getting used to it. Besides, she left us a freezer full of home-cooked meals :)

Chris works full time, studies full time and helps out with house work and with taking care of Mark. Oh, and there's still kitchen remodelling to take care of. The counter-tops were installed last Friday, finally. All the plumbing was hooked up on Monday (Roto-Rooter is a rip-off). Now just the back-splash and electrical stuff left.

Mark is growing fast (tfu-tfu-tfu). Last week we went to the doctor for a check up. Mark was already 7lb and he wasn't 2 weeks old yet! Remember, he started with 5lb 15oz. The circumcision healed completely in less than a week. His umbilical stump fell off on 26 February. So now he's ready for a real bath, not a sponge bath. He sleeps a lot, but also stays awake more now, sometimes up to 30 minutes at a time. And his gaze is a lot more focused and alert. He also lifts his head a bit and can hold it for a sec or two whn on his belly. His hear is getting lighter. I think he'll be a red-head :)

We go on walks every day. It's hilly here - great butt work out. I'll have buns of steel in no time :) I'm desperate to loose weight and get back in shape. Last Saturday I walked all the way around lake Johnson pushing a stroller. It's about 3 miles and gets very hilly too. But I still have extra weight. My highest pregnancy weight was 148lbs. I'm down to 129lbs now - a far cry from my original 116lbs. But I'll start working out as soon as the doctor allows me.

With all this Xander fills a bit neglected. I hardly ever pet him and Chris has almost no time for him either. At least Xan still comes over and sleeps in our bed at night (and sometimes during the day).