Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy-Happy Birthday, Chris!

How many people get depressed when they turn 30? I bet, I'll be one of them. But then you'd think it'd be a bit easier every year, until you hit 40, right? But seems like you just can't get used to getting another year older. So Chris was a bit bummed last week before turning 32. Which was a big waste of time because, as far as I'm concerned, the 30-40 age bracket is the sexiest when it comes to men (with an exception of Sean Connery). That's when their looks, brain capacity, sense of humor, and financial situation are most balanced.

As it happens, February is not such a good month for birthdays. I mean, it'd be ok if not for the cold. And this year it snowed too! Right before Chris' birthday there was a winter storm advisory. The schools got cancelled and all that. So Chris was prepared to sleep in and not go to work. At 7am on February 1 it was a beautiful almost spring-like day - sunny, few clouds, not a sign of snow - no excuse not to go to work. But by the time Chris got to his office, around 8, snow started falling. It was very light snow, nothing like a blizzard that we were promised the night before! And it didn't even stay on the ground since it was too warm. Then it changed to icy rain and finally, to just rain. Again, nothing scary or life threatening. But when Chris went to pick up his ice-cream cake at a local Carvel, the place was closed "due to inclement weather" (that was at 5pm, with not a trace of snow on the ground). Bummer!

Screw Carvel, then! Instead of munching on a cake at home, we went to an Olive Garden. Olive Garden is ok, if you ask me. Not too classy, yet a step above a diner. Plus you can eat as much salad as you want [good deal]! All in all, since the nearest Bucca di Beppo is 3 hours away, an Olive Garden will do. Their desserts are pretty good, especially if you order anything with chocolate (how can chocolate go wrong!). Chris was pretty happy about his super-chocolatie ice-cream and that's all that counted. And best of all, he took a day off from kitchen remodeling. So after all, something good always comes out from getting a bit older.