Friday, March 09, 2007

1 Month

Mark is 1 month old today. Hooray! It's been a very short month for us. For the first 2 weeks I wasn't working, plus Mom was staying with us. That preserved my sanity.

Unfortunately, I had to start work when Mark turned 2 weeks. Some people say that it's ok since I work from home and that it's a lot better and easier than if I worked in a traditional office. These people obviously have not a clue. First of, if I worked in a normal office environment, I would stay at home for longer, at least 6 weeks - that's the earliest a child can be sent to a day-care. And then, I wouldn't have to multi-task the way I do now - raising a baby full-time (with all the feedings, diper changes, pacifing, etc) and working full-time (answering the phones, sending e-mails, handling projects, etc).

But let's talk about positive things for a change. So, Mark is 1 month old. Boy, did he change. He gained plenty of weight (our scale is not working, but I think he's about 8lbs now). And he grew too, by about an inch. So he's actually growing out of some of his cutest outfits. As a matter of fact, I'll be retiring a couple of his outfits tomorrow and yes, I will frame them and hang them on the wall in the baby's room. Mark's eyes are still blue, of course, but his hair is getting a bit lighter and looks like he just might take after his daddy and become a red-head.

All the physical changes are exciting. But the best thing is watch him develop new skills. It might seem that a little baby is nothing buy an eating-pooping-crying machine. Sure thing, he does a lot of these things. But he does other stuff as well. For example, he stays awake for quite a while now. And while awake, he looks around, lifts his head when on his tummy, cooes, pays attention to a rattle (if someone shakes it). In short, he's a busy bee.

To celebrate his first mini-birthday Chris and I got some cake (Red Velvet, if anyone's interested) and some Applebee's takeout. And of course, we drank to Mark's health - a glass of wine for Chris and a bottle of water for myself.