Monday, March 26, 2007

Parents' Visit

It was a cold and dark morning when my parents got in their car and started driving south on I-95. Some 10 hours later, after getting lost and found a couple of times, they arrived right into the sunny and cheerful North Carolina spring.

What kind of stuff can one do when it's 80 degrees and sunny outside, flowers are a-blooming, birds - a-chirping, and everything around you is so bright and fresh, as if it all just sprang out of an Easter basket! Mom got right to cooking enormous quantities of steamed meatballs with vegetables and portobello mashrooms, creamy mashed potatoes, and spinach soup. And that's on top of various yummy home-made spreads and cheese-and-spinach pirogi she brought with her.

Dad stayed busy as well. He mostly concentrated to chilling with Mark with occasional breaks for calling friends and relatives to let them know that he was chilling with Mark. It was funny to see how nervous Dad would get every time Mark would make a sound, any sound. Convinced that Mark loved being serenaded, Dad stomped the grounds rocking him to sleep while singing old revolutionary marches mixed for full effect with old street ballads about Odessa, a girl named Murka, and the use of one's trousers as sails.

It was a surprise that with schedule this busy we managed to go on quite a few walks. Most of them were in the immediate neighborhood. But we also went to our favorite lake, Lake Johnson, on Saturday. As always, it was absolutely perfect there - plenty of people of all ages walking, running, biking, playing with their dogs, fishing. Only this time the boat house was open for business and there were plenty of paddle boats criss-crossing the lake.

The rest of the day (they really stayed only for one full day) was spent mostly at home, trying to eat as much of the fresh yummy food as possible, taking plenty of pictures, playing with Mark, playing with Xander when Mark was being changed or fed (quite often) or just relaxing. After all, everyone that comes here says it feels like a beautiful dacha here, only without all the hard gardening work.