Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hooray-Hooray! It's my first Mother's Day!!!

How exciting - my very first Mother's Day when, instead of giving, I'm finally doing some getting! Chris is an absolute darling about it. He thought of two great gifts for me; but I'll talk about it a bit later.

This has actually been the most fun weekend in a very long time. Finally, we didn't have pressing engagements, finals, Army, etc, etc. We even skipped some of the housework; it can wait until later this week. Instead, last morning we braved a thunderstorm and went to the Farmers' Market. Finally, I had strawberries that not only looked good and were fully ripe, but actually tasted like a fresh-picked berry should - sweet and tart and very juicy and warm! We bought tons of strawberries, some spring onions and chard; Chris also bought goat chevre (it's a kind of soft cheese - yummy).

Then we came home to refuel. Some of us also needed to change (hint: neither myself nor Chris). The rain stopped and it got very hot. So we decided to get out of our immediate neighborhood, explore a bit of Raleigh, and do our shopping - at the Briar Creek Plaza. We drove and drove and drove and then we shopped a bit. And then, just as I thought nothing exciting would happen, we stumbled upon the HomeGoods store! What a find! Tons of goodies and cheap, too! So I shopped to my heart's content, something I practically never do. I bought a couple of good cutting boards, a ceramic baking dish, and a very pretty utensils holder for my kitchen, all for just over $30.00 We had to hurry back to the car because a huge and scary thunder storm was moving in; so I didn't have time to look at home decor and bed and bath section... will have to go back soon

And in the evening I got my first gift - a beautiful painting that Mark painted for me with my and Chris's help. You see, Chris got this smashing idea of getting some finger-paint and some crafts paper so Mark could make his own little gift for me. His favorite giraffe agreed to be the model. The technique chosen by my son was abstract expressionism, somewhat along the lines of Pollock and Kandinsky. My other gift, this one from Chris, was of a hot-pink iPod Nano. I named it "Mama-Bear", if you want to know.

Today we did some shopping and went on a little stroll on the grounds of the Meredith College. And then we grabbed some Ben&Jerry ice-cream. And now we're back home. I'm going to cook a dinner of veggies and eggs and a rubarb and strawberry crisp - dishes that lifted from Barbara Kingslover's book - and then we'll watch a movie. Happy Mother's Day to y'all!