Monday, May 07, 2007

What's new with Mark

This has been a busy week for Mark as well. Tons of important little thing happened. For example, he finally and irrevocably outgrew his newborn clothes. Yes, I retired his first outfit a couple of months ago. But it was an exception rather than a rule. Most other clothes fit him just fine. That is, until last week. All of a sudden, onesies became difficult to button or zip up and Mark's arms and legs were poking out of too-short sleeves and pant-legs. It was clearly time to move him into size 3-6 months outfits which we got plenty of.

Mark already knows how to suck his fist. For some reason he really doesn't take to a pacifier and frankly, we don't insist. But sometime last week Mark made a very important discovery - he learned that he can grab a toy and pull it to his mouth as well. He is not eager to grab things yet, but rather does it on and off. So far, he purposefully grabbed his toy giraffe, a hand-held rattle and a stroller rattle. He is strong enough now to hold these things a while and in case of a rattle, even shake it (he doesn't pay any attention to the resulting sound though). Thanks to his mobile, he follows objects really well with his eyes and can follow even smaller things, such as a little bell, in a 180-degree arc.

His old mobile broke yesterday. It was so unfair! It still hangs above the changing table and Mark loves looking at it. But now the mobile doesn't move and doesn't make any sounds. So Mark tries his hardest to entice the mobile to action - flashes it his cutest smiles, cooes and nees, waves arms and legs, stretches his hands to the giraffe - all to no avail. I feel terrible! Maybe the mobile is still salvageable?! It's a simple mechanical one so it just might be. The new TinyLove mobile that I bought at half-price on eBay (gotta brag, right?!) has arrived and is great. But maybe because of its newness or because so much is going on in this new mobile, Mark gets overwhelmed too quickly and starts crying.

What else... Well, the rest is kind of an old news, just more of it - more of staying awake and VERY alert throughout the day, more of strange bird-like noises, more sqeals of delight, more smiles, more of all the fun baby stuff.