Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two Weeks

What can happen in just two short weeks? It seems that today is very much the same as yesterday, yet so many things happen... We're continuing renovating our house. This time it's Mark's room and the living room that are being taken care of. Mark's room had a window that was overlooking the living room, actually, mostly just the popcorn on the living room ceiling. Very stupid idea... Well, the window is no longer there, replaced with a wall. And by the way, there's no popcorn on the ceilings either. Good riddance! Also, the living room is painted, including the fireplace. It's a lot brighter now. I'll post the pictures as soon as the furniture is put in proper places. For now, there's still some minor painting to do, also - hanging ceiling fans, updating furniture, getting some kind of rug, etc, etc.

Last weekend we went to the Yates Mill. It's a historic mill about 15-minute drive from our house. There used to be dozens of mills in the area just like this one, water-powered, milling corn and wheat. But this one is the only one left. So now they have a small park and an excellent museum. And you can go on a very interesting tour of the mill. Better yet, once in a while they actually get the water-wheel cranking and mill some corn! That's what we went to see. I wish I didn't forget to take my camera - the day was excellent and I would had snapped plenty of pix of the mill and the water-snakes.

What else? Of course, Mark is doing a lot of growing up. He's 5 and 1/2 months old already! Last week he learned a lot of new things. For example, when Chris or I hold him with one hand and try to get a drink of water or juice with another, he reaches for a cup, grabs it, and tries to drink out of it. Same thing with food - gotta watch him now. He also rolls from his back to his side, pulls his feet to his mouth, and does tons of other little adorable things. When laying on his tummy, Mark now doesn't just look straight, but turns his head sideway to look at me and Chris. I think, he also started noticing Xander. Also, Mark is really getting a hang of this jumper toy - he can stay in it for quite a while and jumps up and down. When we go out, look out all you girls and old ladies. Mark is a horrible flirt! He can be hungry, tired, cranky, but the moment he catches you paying attention to him, he'll give you the most charming big smile! Oh, all the cooing and admiring he gets from everyone! If I only had a dollar for each time he was caled cute and adorable or complemented on his eyes (still blue) or his smile (still toothless)! Finally, today we had the most exciting thing happen - when I pulled Mark to sitting, he continued sitting for several seconds practically with no help from me! And he seems to like it! Next thing we know, he'll be sitting by himself.

Oh, and also two more things. I bought and read the last Harry Potter book. It was great; too bad there will be no more of HP. And Xander is going through is annual craze - he walks around the house, mewing and trying to escape. He actually ran out a couple of times, but then came back. When he escapes, he stays in the yard. We tried to lure him back once or twice, but he hisses, yells, and even tries to attack us - very scary! So we just let him get over it and then he comes to the front door quite subdued and waits to be let in. Can someone explain this cat to me? It's not even spring-time!