Monday, July 30, 2007

Swimming Lesson

Today was Mark's first swimming lesson. As I already said many times, we are really centrally located and close to everything. This everything includes 2 swimming pools - an outdoor one at Lake Johnson and an indoor one at Pullen Park. These are public pools and better yet, they host all sorts of swim programs, including a program for very little kids. Last week Melanie and I signed our little ones up for an 8-session Parent & Child class. This class is for kids 6-18 months.

Today's lesson almost didn't happen since it was raining. But fortunately, strong rain passed quickly leaving just some sprinkles behind. So the pool stayed open. Oh, when getting Mark ready for the pool, we realized that the swimming diapers that we bought for him were girl diapers, the pink Dora the Explorer creation. Oops! Didn't matter much anyway since he was wearing cool sports trunks over the diaper. Other than Olivia and Mark, there were 3 more kids there - a 6-month old girl, a 10-month old boy Justin, and another boy that looked like he was about a year old. Chris was taking pictures and I got to go into the water and swim with Mark.
Of course, the entire lesson was held at the shallow end of the pool. We all got into the water and played some games with kids - twirling them around, jumping up and down, letting them swim a bit on their backs, and even practicing some passes. It was great fun, at least for me. I don't think that Mark was enjoying it all that much - usually very smily and giggly, he stayed dead-serious and pouty. But then he never likes anything on the first try. And he wasn't crying or trying to get out either. 30 minutes was plenty because the day was not very warm and the sun was hidden behind the dark heavy clouds all the time.

Tomorrow is the 2nd lesson, weather permitting. Hopefully it'll be warmer and Mark will enjoy the whole experience a bit more.