Monday, August 13, 2007

6 Months and Mom's Visit

Mark turned 6 months last Thursday. Thank you for all the phone calls and e-mails that we received. He's doing great! We had our first graduation - from a swimming class. Ok, so he's not a very accomplished swimmer yet; but he's not afraid of water and enjoys kicking and splashing and chasing a toy duck around the big pool. Once in a while I dunk him and he takes it very matter-of-factly - doesn't cry or look surprised, but quickly gets back to whatever he was doing such as chasing a duck or sucking on his thumb.
Another thing that happened last Thursday was THE TOOTH! Yes, Mark got his first tooth (bottom left, just as we suspected). I was going to name this lonely tooth, something like Chompy or whatnot. But alas, there's another one coming out already! Of course, Mark is chewing on everything now and is a bit cranky. He also bites now pretty hard!

The day after Mark's birthday, last Friday, we went to meet Mom at the airport. She flew in for a week of vacation time. I couldn't believe it - Mom was flying UNACCOMPANIED! And judging by her big smile, it was a good experience. And she brought several pounds of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden. (check out this holla to Mom and the tomatoes that was published on Barbara Kingslover's website). Back home, she assured us that she was not tired at all from the trip after which she fell sound asleep in the guest room.

Also on Friday, Mark learned turning all the way from his back to his belly. He really loves it now and uses his new skill at the first opportunity, creating new diaper-change challenges.

It is very hot here, in Raleigh, and we stay in-doors during the day (plus I work). But on Saturday we all went to the beach. It was just a day trip. We drove 2 hours to get there; spent 20 minutes setting up the site; 20 minutes - changing and feeding Mark; 10 minutes in the water with Mark, jumping over the waves; 40 minutes - eating lunch; and another 2 hours - driving back home. But such is life with the little one.