Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Size 3 Diapers

Mark now wears size 3 diapers. Yes, he is getting bigger and bigger every day! We went to the doctor last week for his 6-month check-up (time flies) - Mark weights 16.24lbs and is 26in long. No teeth yet, but we're thinking it won't take long now.

Of course, moving up in the world of diapers was not the only thing we did last week. We also celebrated my birthday. Yeah, again... time flies... Anyway, not to make a big secret out of it, I turned 29. Chris got me a ginormous chocolate cake with enough sugar in it to OD an elephant. And then he proceeded to put 29 candles on it and almost ran out of space. One more candle and he would have to put it on the side of the cake. Not a bad idea for next year though - a cake covered with candles all over, like a hedgehog. We waited until Mark fell asleep in the evening so we could have that cake and eat it too. Once Mark fell asleep, Chris started lighting the candles. By the time he finished with the last one, Mark woke up and we had to rush through the whole candle-blowing and cake-eating thing. That's how I learned that the older you get, the less fun you get to have.

We continue going to the pool every day. Mark is doing well, I think. He seems to like most of it, except putting on a life-saver jacket. Actually, he threw a fit today when we tried to get him into one. Oh well, he'll really have to learn how to swim on his own then. Funny - he hates the life-jacket, but doesn't mind diving at all. What else... Oh, Mark started trying to sit up. If he's in a good mood, he would lean forward and rest on his hands while sitting, just for a few seconds. He also learns rolling over. Most of the time he needs a bit of help, but only a very tiny bit. The rest of the rolling over from back to front he does on his own. And he loves it too, smiles big and immediately tries to crawl.

Oh, Chris got me excellent gifts for my birthday. He baked a huge pizza. Also, he got me three books from my Amazon wish-list which, at present, runs to 95 titles. All three books were fantastic and I would highly recommend them:

1. Justinian Flea - goes over diverse subjects such as Roman emperors, Christianity, geography, bacteria, evolution, military science, etc, etc that all contributed to the decline and fall of Roman empire.

2. Living in Foreign Language - a memoir by Michael Tucker about how he and his wife bought a house in Umbria and moved to Italy. This book is a light read, but its value lies in very thorough and mouthwatering descriptions of Italian dishes. It's very inspirations - I'm going to learn Italian cooking now.

3. Banvard's Folly - this book is absolutely fascinating if a bit depressing. It's about "13 people who did not change the world". It starts with an American artist, Banvard, that was famous for painting a 3-mile long diorama of Mississippi river. I'm reading about Martin Tupper who, contrary to what you might think did not create Tupperware, but was a poet. Oh, if only he lived in the age of Hallmark cards!