Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Crawling

The Father's Day this year got a bit screwed up because of the stupid flat tire. Yesterday, just as we were going on a grocery run for our little party (read below), Chris saw that we had a flat tire. So he replaced it with a donut and decided to take the car to the shop early Sunday morning. But on Sunday he found out that the donut got a flat as well! So he called AAA at 8:30am and they promised a tow-truck by 9:20am. Instead the truck showed up around 11am! So basically we couldn't do anything for the first half of the day. Well, actually, I ended up taking Mark to a brunch with Stephanie and Maeli. Then Mark decided to take a power nap that lasted over two hours - extraordinary! Long story short, by the time the car was fixed and Mark was awake, changed, fed, it was well past 3pm. The only thing we got to do was to go to Target (ughh, I feel like I live in that store now!) to buy a new car seat for Mark. Yep, the boy finally outgrew his little rear-facing seat.

Anyway, yesterday we had a little party for some of our friends - Sean and Stephanie and Bill and Georgia. We didn't make any definite plans and told them to stop by any time between 5 and 7 pm. And so they did - Sean and Steph at 5pm and just after they left, Bill and Georgia stopped by at 7pm. But it was cool anyway - we ended up having two very nice dinners. Chris made pizzas and I marinated some veggies and put them on scewers along with some home-made raviolies (yeah, I had to brag about this) and also made some artichoke crostinis and avocado sandwiches. Noone went home hungry, hehe.

Here's a video of Mark crawling around the house: