Thursday, April 02, 2009

Evolution of Drumming (или Барабан Страдивари)

Forget Thomas and the rest of the trains (although Neville is still loved). The new obsession is drumming. We now play "boom-boom music" in the car, read "boom-boom books", look at pictures of drums and watch "boom-boom" video from Я Все Могу (actually called До-Ре-Ми, but who cares, right? It's like 20 minutes long and has exactly 5 seconds of drumming in it - Mark watches it almost every day). Also, he watches a cartoon Бим, Бам, Бом и Волк, 'cause the piglets' names sound like drumming sounds.

First, things were very simple - mandatory participation in the drum circles by each family member (except Xander), simple rythm (ok, total absence of).

Then things got a bit more complicated with multiple drums and complex composition.

Finally, Mark achieved mastery of drumming and became a marching band of one! He marches around the house and says "marching-drumming, marching-drumming" (in Russian he says ходить-банить). He also found a book with a picture of an animal marching band - elephants and rhynos drumming and marching around the house (thank you, Sandra Boyton!). So Mark gets that book out every morning, find a picture of the marching band, studies it for a few seconds, and then starts his marching-drumming practice.

Барабаны- для крутых пацанов!