Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hiatus Explained... Sort of...

Looks like I've reached the rock bottom of blog update frequency (or rather, infrequency). My last post was a month ago! So now I have a big problem - I have way too much to talk about and not nearly enough time. Besides, I don't want to turn this update into a book-length thingy.
So, where should I start... Maybe I should tell you all about how it snowed in late February (or was it early March) and how Mark absolutely loved walking in the snow - didn't even mind his snowboots - and building a decent snowman...

Or should I tell you about Mark's art classes? He goes every Thursday morning for an hour to an arts class where he paints, glues, plays with clay, and in general expresses himself. He mostly sticks to painting with paintbrushes since everything else tends to get very messy (and he doesn't like getting his hands dirty).

Or maybe I should tell you of the latest news about my business. Ok, there'd be too much to tell, so here's a list:

  • udpated website - (if you're interested)
  • I wrote and published a free report (available on my site)
  • wrote and submitted 2 articles to (will see how that goes)
  • bunch of networking stuff going on, both online and in the "real" world
  • got a new client - a professional organizer; look at my beautifully organized crafts closet now!

Or maybe I should mention that our little garden is doing well. Only one garden bed is used so far (still have to get topsoil for the other two). But this one is working overtime, let me tell you. We crammed so much stuff in it, we don't even remember what and where we planted. The first two rows are peas for sure (or maybe beans). Then - a couple of rows of leeks and scallions. Then it gets more confusing - a row of radishes (should be ready at the end of April), 2 rows of lettuce, and a mystery row. For the longest time I thought that the mystery row was unsuccessful row of radishes. Only a couple of days ago looking at the little plants closely did I realize that this is another row of lettuce (mesclun, actually). Oh, and then, there are a couple of rows of carrots.

The tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are growing well for now. I re-planted them into bigger containers and can't wait to put them outside into the garden (not until the end of April, though). Plus Chris planted a couple of each of raspberries and blackberries. Mark helped, of course!

So as you can see, there are tons of things going on here. I'm sure I'm forgetting to write about most, but then it's almost midnight and I'm running on like no sleep (and hey, I don't drink coffee).