Monday, January 16, 2006

Last Weekend

What did we do last weekend? Hmm, well Friday night was spent at Tanya's house. She came back to Daytona for a weekend and invited us over. And so we ate pizza (I mostly abstained since it had pork stuff all over) and drank beer (again, I abstained because of a headache). But don't you worry, I didn't leave hungry. There was cake there too!

On Saturday we decided to stop by the animal shelter to look at cats and dogs there. Yeah, we're secretly thinking about getting a play-pal for Xander because sometimes he drives us nuts when he gets bored. We also took some cat food and cat litter there. We saw a lot of really adorable cats, but didn't choose any one of them. We decided that Xan is still too young. Besides, he's pretty silly now and can't teach a new kitty anything but mischief.

Instead, we went to the mall because JC Penney had a big sale. First they discounted stuff 70% and then - another 40%. But even if they didn't have a sale, I would go anyway because I had nothing else to do. Oh, plus I really need clothes to wear. Unfortunately, buying clothes is tough. As I said many times before, Daytona Beach is not a fashion capital of the world or even Florida. We don't have any decent stores. So I ended up buying just one little top. It was originally $36, so the math wizards among us can quickly calculate how much did I buy it for. For those who don't have calculators laying around, it was $10 - a pretty good bargain.

The rest of the day we watched movies. Chris had to watch "Troy" for his class on Mythology. Then we tried to watch "Wedding Crashers" but the movie was so dumb and pointless that I couldn't stand it for more than 10 minutes. So instead we ended up watching "The Day Without Mexicans". It's a pretty good "mockumentary"-type movie. It's not especially funny or weird or thought-provoking. And it does lean to one side of the whole illegal immigration argument. However, it was way better than either "Troy" or "Wedding Crashers".

On Sunday we got all nerdy and went to our Arts and Science Museum to see mummies. In reality there were no mummies, just their sarcophagi and many interesting artifacts from Ancient Egyptian tombs. Egyptians were really fixated on the whole afterlife experience. So they put their best-made things in the tombs of dead people. But in their belief, they did not have to bury an entire 12-person china set in order for a dearly beloved to be able to invite other mummies to eat and drink in the afterlife. Instead, they would put miniture plates and cups in the tombs and hoped that those would be transformed into life-size things through magic. Same logic applied to the rest of the goodies. Also, they made little doll-like statues of their dead and placed them in the tombs as well. Why? Because whenever a dead person would be called to do some work in the afterlife, such as plow a field or heard cows or what have you, the mummy would make the little statue alive through magic and make it work instead. That's pretty sleek, if you ask me. I wouldn't mind having this little statue myself, in this life of course.

So with all the little statues and miniature utensils and models of granaries and boats and such, the whole exhibit looked like a ghostly toy story. It was pretty cool though and we were lucky to get there early since after noon the small museum was full of people, mostly with little kids.

Afterwards I tried to sign up for ice-skating only to find out that the classes at a local rink started a day before. Bummer. So then we tried to sign up for some dancing lessons. But the place was closed because it was a Sunday. Double bummer. Then we started walking around because the weather was so nice and warm and sunny. But a lot of stores and even restaurants were closed. Bummer-bummer-bummer, but that's life in Daytona Beach. So then we went to one place that stays open all the time - Barnes and Noble. And then - on to Target. And then - home to watch "Some Like it Hot".

The End.