Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Day

Mazltov! Our kitchen is now ready and all are invited to check it out!

Did you fall for it? If yes, see the title of this post and check today's date. Nope, the kitchen is still being worked on. But the hour draws near when I can finally sigh with relief and post the before and after pictures on my blog.

But most of the work is done. The countertop is in and all the things that were wrong with it were fixed. The electrical work is done and so is plumbing. We might even put the refrigerator in its permanent place tonight. Most of the space is functional and we even cook. Today Chris is working on getting the shelves up. We ordered some from Lowe's, but they weren't the right kind. Oh well, we just went with a cheaper DIY version and I think it'll look even better in the end.

I'm totally excited about the dining area. The table and chairs are very sturdy and comfortable. They are large, but fit into the space very well. And once we put a bench under the window, it'll be absolutely awesome.

So the things that we have to finish got a bit shorter:

- paint the shelves and put them up
- assemble the bench and paint it
- hang the curtains
- put the last 3 switch plates up
- move the refrigerator and
- clean up!

But for now I'm posting a picture of the exterior of our house. It looks especially beautiful now with the crab-apples a-blooming. And they smell nice too!