Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 Months

Hooray! Mark is 2 months old! I wanted to post this on Monday (9 April), but decided to wait until after his check-up. So he's really 2 months and 1 day old now :)

We found out today that he's 11lbs 4oz (about 5 kg) and 22 inches (55 cm). I was looking through some of his old pictures and couldn't believe how tiny he was - all his clothes were too big for him. And now he actually outgrew several of his outfits.

He got his gift a bit early. It was a TinyLove SuperDelux playmat. He seems to enjoy it, although his mobile is still a clear favorite. Mark also holds his head very well (even though it accounts for almost 1/3 of his body weight - a big noggin'). When we hold him upright, he doesn't even care for us to support his head. And when we lay him on his stomach, he can hold it at about 45-degree angle for several seconds. He's as cranky as ever, but he also smiles when in a good mood. A couple of days ago we gave him a binky (pacifier) and it seemed to work - the crying stopped. However, he's not too fond of it. We don't mind it too much - fewer bad habits to break later on. We're still struggling with making him sleep in his crib at night.

Today he'll be sleeping with us though because he also got a series of shots today. One shot was actually given orally in form of drops. But the other three were for real and they probably hurt too. But Mark was a real trooper - he only cried a little bit on his last shot and then calmed down right away. Of course, he's crankier than normal tonight so we don't want to make him feel any more uncomfortable.

Oh, in other news, last Sunday we went to the Raneissance Fair at the Fairgrounds. It was Easter Sunday, so there weren't that many people. Still, it was a busy place. We spent 4 hours there walking around. So first we stopped by the Queen's court and watched her knight little boys and girls (beats shacking Easter Bunny's paw!). Then we watched a magician, a team of acrobats, a dulcimer player. Slowly we made it to the other side of the fair just in time to see some sword fighting. Chris really got into this one. It took some effort to lead him away and to a tent with different crafts and period costumes for sale. Of course, there was tons of different food there. At first I wanted a funnel cake, but they just didn't look right (couldn't compare with the ones sold in Daytona). So we settled for fish and chips. By the way, not a single vendor was selling turkey legs - a big mistake! At the end of the day we watched the most important show of them all - the jousting match. And that was really cool!