Friday, April 06, 2007


Yes, it's Friday, finally!!! The week went by very quickly and wasn't as exhausting as the previous one. And yet we're all tired and looking forward to this weekend. A lot of small stuff happened this week:

Home improvements are moving along nicely. The shelves are up, although need a coat of poly to protect the paint. The fridge is connected to the water line; so we can stop buying all that bottled water now.

I continue my get-back-in-shape program (see my other blog). Today marks the end of 2nd week of consistent effort on my part to get back in shape. Yes, it takes 6 weeks to form a habit or so they say. Nevertheless, I'm treating myself to a dinner out at a local burger joint, The Five Guys.

Chris is splitting time between work, college (he is doing awesome, getting straight As), home improvement (see above) and helping me with Mark. Here they are working out together, doing push-ups.

And speaking of Mark... He's really grown and is about 10lbs. We'll find out his exact weight on Tuesday at his 2-month check-up. Occassionally he sleeps in his crib for several hours at night. Then he wakes up for a diaper change and a feeding and we bring him to bed with us. Since he sleeps a lot in his crib now, we put up an anti-cat net over it. So the mobile had to be moved. It is now over the changing table and Mark absolutely loves it. His favorite animal apparently is the giraffe. Mark's 2-month birthday gift arrived a bit early. It's a TinyLove SuperDelux playmat. It's totally cool and entertaining even for very young babies. Plus when done playing Mark just falls asleep on it.