Saturday, April 28, 2007

Southern Women's Show

As I probably mentioned previously, we live only a couple of miles away from the NC State Fairgrounds. It is actually a great thing because there's so much happening there every weekend. There's always a large flea market, both indoors and outdoors. And of course there are plenty of special events as well. The most exciting is probably the NC State Fair itself, but that's not until October. But they have smaller events too - all sorts of boat shows, car shows, medival times shows, etc. Just a couple of weekends ago we went to one such fair. This weekend I went to the Southern Women's Show while Chris and Mark strolled around the flea market.

Of course, I tried to look my most Southern by wearing a sun dress and pretty sandals and not looking too thin. And of course, I failed miserably, except in the looking not too thin part. Noone mistook me for a native. Oh well... I guess I better work on my accent. The show actually wasn't all that. Apparently, Southern women are predominantly interested in beauty treatments, make-up, bags, and cooking with highly processed mixes. Most of the freebies were in the categories of food samples, useless promo items, and registering for give-aways. Of course I registered for some of these. Now I'm waiting to be informed that I won one or all of these - $1,500 gift certificate towards a plastic surgery of my choice, a free LASIK surgery, or a free iPod. Oh, and I scored a free pair of Haines panties by filling out some silly survey!

In the mean time, Chris and Mark made rounds of the surrounding area (a flea market). Mark was busy attracting "oohings" and "aahings" from old ladies. And Chris was busy munching on roasted pecans. And then we all went home.