Sunday, May 18, 2008

Artsplosure 2008

This was a busy weekend. I guess, everyone tried to get their events out before the Memorial Day weekend because there were tons of things happening around Raleigh. In addition to the chicken tour, there was a festival at the Yeats Mill, a tour of homes, a tour of gardens, and the Artsplosure 2008. Last year we missed the Artsplosure festival because Mark was too little. This year we went.

Artsplosure is a big arts and crafts festival held in the city center, on Moore's Square, every year. It takes place over the entire weekend. In addition to artists and craftsmen presenting their work for everyone to see and buy, there are concerts, events for kids and adults, etc. We walked around a little bit looking at the artwork. We liked a lot of it, but unfortunately couldn't afford most everything. We did splurge on a couple of things. One was the silhouette of Mark done by Keith Donaldson ( By the way, he can do silhouettes from profile photos and mail the finished artwork to you. We also watched a pottery demostration - amazing stuff!

The other item was a 8x10 photo, called "It's Time to Glaze the Donuts" by Lorri Honeycutt. She is a photographer from Austin, TX. She's a very pleasant lady, very creative, and with a great sense of humor. I'm not going to try to describe her work, but you can see for yourself at . Hopefully, as our circumstances improve, I'll be able to buy some more of her very original work.

The last picture is of Mark asleep in the car on the way back from the Farmers' Market. As you can probably tell, he had one too many strawberries there :)