Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chickens in Avent West

Avent West is our neighborhood and it's a very nice one! And I am not saying just because we are trying to sell the house. Actually, we'd prefer not to sell it and are keeping our fingers crossed. But that's another story... Back to the neighborhood though - I think I already mentioned that it's close to the downtown and to NCSU and to all the cool places. The neighbors all know each other. Most everyone is pretty laid back. There are lots of kids of all ages. Most people grow vegetables in their yards. And now we found out that some people even have chickens!

We went on a cleverly-named "Hen-side the Beltline - Tour de Coop" today for a couple of hours. So we visited 4 houses, or rather yards, since we didn't go inside the houses proper, whose owners keep chickens. Why do they do it? Presumably for fresh eggs, but also - for the fun of it. Apparently, chickens make pretty good pets (probably smarter than our cat). Mark didn't care much for the chickens, but he liked the dogs and cats.
Then we went to the mall just to kill time. You see, we had an open house today, so we had to get out of the way for a few hours. At the mall Mark tried several kiddie rides. He did ok, but was getting tired and sleepy-looking. When we got back home, we found out that he was actually sick, running a fever. We think it's a reaction to the shots he got last Thursday. But he's much better already! Oh, also, he's got a brand-new tooth. So now he has 7 teeth. And although he didn't gain much weight - still under 20lbs - he grew 2 inches in the last 3 months! And he's learning to climb the stairs.