Sunday, May 11, 2008

No more Chinese food

Ugh, how many times do I have to re-learn the lesson for it to really set in? Never ever, under no circumstances, will I ever eat cheap Chinese food at malls' foodcourts. It's so horrible! Same goes for the fake Japanese food which is basically the same exact stuff.

Anyway, it's the Mother's Day and Chris baked cinnamon buns for me (what can I say - yummy!!!). Since the weather sucks today, we went to the mall for a walk and a change of scenery. And now Chris took Mark for a stroll outside and the rain is really coming down!

Anyway... Mark turned 15 months old last week. He's growing another tooth, #7. We continue working with the physical therapist and so far things are going very well. Last week Mark learned to kneel and go from sitting to kneeling. More than that, he now can pull himself up to standing. Better yet, he learned how to crawl! His preferred method of locomotion is still scooting on his behind or cruising. He's in this phase when he likes walking while pushing things - a stroller, a cart, a chair, anything really. Which is great because otherwise he refuses to walk independently and insists on holding onto us.

The house is still up for sale and we only had a handful of showings. It's very irritating since I have to clean up every night and straighten things up billion times throughout the day. Oh well, we'll see how it will all turn out. So far we've scheduled an open house for next Saturday - more cleaning!